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We are a tour operator and travel agent based in Sofia, Bulgaria (licence N 04879), specializing in Bulgarian history and culture. Our programmes feature the highlights of the Bulgarian cultural heritage and familiarize you with the Bulgarian customs and traditions.

We work both with individual visitors and groups. If you have a group of your own, we can organize a customised tour for you, focusing for example on archaeological sites, churches and monasteries, natural wonders etc. You should bear in mind that the Bulgarian hotels give group rates for a minimum of six, eight or ten people.

To our foreign partners – tour operators and travel agents, we offer our co-operation, providing hotel accommodation in Bulgaria, tour guides, travel services etc.

Our other activities include congress tourism, business travel, incentive tours, seaside holidays, mountain vacations, discount lodging etc.

If you require any additional information, please contact us at:

Select Tours – Travel Agency
zh. Drouzhba-1, bl.73, entr.2-24
Tel: +359 2 973 17 51, tel/fax: +359 2 973 17 51


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