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A mysterious Copper Age People who lived on the Black Sea coast created the earliest European civilization (5th millennium BC), best illustrated by the world’s oldest gold treasure (now on display in the Archeological Museum in Varna). In the course of more than two millennia the lands of present-day Bulgaria were inhabited by the Thracians, whose remarkable culture is represented by around ten thousand burial mounds and an extraordinary array of objects, among which stand out the gold and silver wine-drinking vessels. Bulgaria is studded with Roman ruins, the most important one being the well-preserved Ancient Theatre (2C) in the city of Plovdiv.

After the foundation of the First Bulgarian State in 680 and the adoption of Christianity in 865, the Thracians, Bulgars and Slavs gradually merged their cultures to form one people and become a great European power in the Middle Ages. The most eloquent symbol of the Bulgarian might is the Madara Horseman - a rock relief, unique in Europe. Many beautiful churches and ruined fortresses testify to the flourishing of architecture and the arts during the Second Bulgarian State (11-14C).

The Ottoman conquest brought destruction and decline, from which the Bulgarians started to recover only in the 19C - a period, known as National Revival. The spirit of that epoch is reflected in more than 150 richly decorated monasteries in a scenic mountain setting, and delightful typical houses in the museum towns and villages.

Present-day Bulgaria offers its visitors over one thousand historical places, seven of which are included in the UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage List.

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